SuperConfort Stop S

More comfort on the road

The result of extensive research allowing the tyre to operate at even lower press and a slower rate of wear.

Michelin offered a very low-pressure tyre, called “Superconfort”, in 1932, then launched “Superconfort Stop S” in 1935.

The first tyre with a heavily siped tread pattern, specially designed for wet surfaces.

At the time, Michelin was the only manufacturer who knew how to make this type of tyre with the famous wavy “zigzag” sipes, which greatly improve safety because of the excellent grip they provide.

As its name suggests, the “Superconfort Stop S” tyre offers exceptional comfort, in addition to its performance on the road.


Dimension Seat Sculpture Section width (mm) Outside diameter Circ. bearing Rim size Pressure in bar (load in kg/tyre) Tube
2 2.5 3 3.5
130/140 - 40 40 cm SCSS 165 722 2150 110/140 422 504 583 660 16 E 13
150/160 - 40 40 cm SCSS 175 733 2180 150/160 452 541 626 708 16 F RET

The adventure of

SuperConfort Stop S


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