X M+S 244

the versatile adventurer

At the request of many classic
4x4 vehicle owners Michelin
have relaunched the popular
205R16 XM+S 244 tyre.
The 205R16 XM+S 244 retains its
authentic period look whilst benefitting
from Michelin modern technological
advances. This offers even improved
performance in both wet and dry
conditions with greater longevity.
Thanks to its deep tread and welldefined
grooves, combined with
a strong but flexible casing the
XM+S 244 offers precise handling,
good off-road performance,
comfort and quiet running in urban
For countries in which their use is
authorised, and in compliance with
legislation, studs can be fitted in
the holes on numerous tread blocks
for even greater grip in winter
conditions. From the world’s most
challenging roads and changing
conditions, the XM+S 244 will keep
the original aesthetic authenticity
of classic 4x4 vehicles and ensure
reliability, safety and excellent
mileage return.


Dimension Seat Sculpture TT/TL Load Index Speed Code Section width (mm) Outside diameter Circ. bearing Rim size (mini-maxi) Tube
205 R 16    16" XM+S 244  TL 104 T 203 736 2312 5 / 5.5 / 7 15/17 H 13 

The adventure of

X M+S 244